6 Hour Rules


The 6 Hours in Frog Hollow is a team relay and solo rider mountain bike event. The race will begin at 9:00AM on Saturday and ends 6 hours later at 3:00 PM Sunday. Both team and solo riders will compete for prizes.

This race will include these categories:

  • § 3 person open – any gender combination
  • § Duo Male
  • § Duo Female
  • § Duo Co-ed
  • § Take a Kid Mountain Biking ( ages 10-13) – See Qualifying rules HERE
  • § Solo Men
  • § Solo Women
  • § Solo Singlespeed Women
  • § Solo Singelspeed Men

The course will consist of a 13-mile loop including 6 miles of single track. The trails for this course have been designed specifically for endurance desert racing.

The 6 Hours in Frog Hollow is a premier mountain biking event aimed at having a festival like atmosphere.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone will have a good time. So come and enjoy the friendship, team spirit, awesome trails and spectacular scenery that this event is sure to provide. Ride safe, ride fair and above all have fun.


  1. Pre-race Meeting. The all racers must attend the pre-race meeting at 8:30 am
  2. Bike Placement – Bikes must be placed in racks 10 min before start.
  3. Start time -9 AM

The race will utilize a Lemans style starting procedure.  Racers run a designated 100-yard course to pick-up their bikes and start the race. If you miss the start you must wait until all racers have picked their bikes before starting on the course.


  1. Exchange Tent  – Only team members and workers are allowed in the rider transition area while the ride is being conducted. NO KIDS, NO DOGS ALLOWED!
  2. Logging Out  –  Each racer must DISMOUNT before going through the gate. They should know their number and say it to the officials. Your number will be recorded on a computer and hand system. Please go through the gate slowly to assure your time is recorded.
  3. Rider Exchange  –  There is no baton to hand off in this ride. After a rider has checked in they can proceed to the exchange area to find their next rider and exit the tent. The next rider will enter the tent and proceed to the check-out gate.  a. On Course-  A rider who has entered the course must complete his or her lap. Rider exchange can only be made at the check in station.
  4. Verifying Times – It is It is the team’s responsibility to verify their lap times. Hand lap lists will be available every hour for lap verification.  Teams should discuss any discrepancies as soon as they are discovered with the race director. Teams are encouraged to keep their own team log to support and questions or protests.


  1. Team Number Display
    Racers must display their race number the bike handlebar number on the front of their bikes, whenever on course. In the case of a bike swap, racers must swap the bike number to the new bike prior to continuing the race. It is very important to make sure each team member has their own plate, as individual times will not be accurate if these are switched. Anyone entering the course without a number plate will be asked to leave immediately.
  2. Permitted Course Riders
    Only officially registered racers, credentialed media and event staff may ride on the designated race course between noon on Thursday and 5 Pm Sunday of the event weekend.
  3. Minimum Age Requirement                                                                                        Gro Promotions will not allow any racer to enter the 6 hour race  that is younger than 14 years old unless they are in the “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Category”. The age limit for this category is 9 years old by Jan 1 of race year.  Kids should be able to finish a pre-lap in 2 hours or less.
  4. Short-cutting –
  5. The desert environment is fragile. The official course was designed to reduce impact to the areas. Short-cutting or traveling cross-country off the course by any registered racer shall result in a disqualification of that racer’s team.
  6. Right of Way –
  7. Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing or carrying their bikes should stay on the least rideable portion of the trail when being passed. Racers pushing or carrying their bikes may overtake a racer riding his bike provided that they do not interfere with the riding racer.
  8. Lapped Racers
    Lapped racers should yield to leaders when it is safe to do so. Leaders should be very vocal when preparing to pass any racer. “PASSING on your LEFT!,” “PASSING on your RIGHT!” should be called out. It is the responsibility of the lapped races to inform the leader when and where it is safe to pass. It is the responsibility of the challenging racer to overtake safely. If the lead racer uses force that puts the lapped racer in harms way during passing this will be considered unsportsmanlike and can be grounds for a penalty. Unsportsmanlike behavior by any racer will not be tolerated and should be reported immediately. 



The ending time for the race is 3 PM. The deadline for last lap is 2 pm. Racers must be on course before 2 to continue racing.

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