Child Qualifying Rules

Disclaimer and Qualifying Rules

This is a small community race designed for adult racers. There is no separate course or race time for children. They will be racing with all adult racers from beginner to pro.

We are very happy to host a race that is family friendly and can encourage kids to take up competitive mountain biking. We created this category because we know that not all kids have the same experience riding, and for some children the only barrier between being able to race with the adults is the ability to navigate and be comfortable alone in the desert. Below are the rules for this category. Please be sure your child is ready for this challenge before signing up. These rules are created both for the safety of your child and for the other racers out on the course.

1.Race Age – Must be 10 by Jan 1 of the race year and not older than 14 on race day.

2. Course Qualifier – Must have the ability to complete the course within 2 hours.

3. Assistance on course – The Adult partner will be given a cover for their number plate so they can assist the child competitor in successfully completing their lap(s). When the team comes through the timing tent only the child’s time will be recorded.

4. Child must complete a minimum of 1 full lap, but can race more.

5. Race Etiquette – Child should be familiar with passing procedures. If the child is slow both party’s should be aware of fast racers needing to pass. They should step out of the way so as to not cause a hazard. If passing other racers, they should be courteous and announce their presence before passing.

6. Enjoy bonding with your kid. This will be a memory of a life time. Have fun.

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