6 Hours in Frog Hollow Race Course Stats

  • Total Length: 13.5 miles               Single Track: 6.4 miles              Double Track: 7.1
  • Elevation low : 3570 ft                  Elevation high: 4300 ft     Total Climbing 1100 Ft
  • Estimated Average Course Speed: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Ave High Temp: 76 degree Ave

This is a fast and fun course that is not too technical, and had the perfect amount of double track for climbing and passing and single track for descending fun.

6HR COURSE-graphic 20142011

View 6 Hr In Frog Hollow Course in a larger map

Race – Video by Troy Allison

Trailer for TV SHow Boundless – Frog Hollow Espisode

 Safety and Support on Course

The Frog Hollow course was designed with your safety in mind. There are 4 course marshal locations that are manned during the entire 6 hours. All marshals are EMT or WFR certified and are stocked with support in case you get in trouble. Pay attention to these locations. In addition there are 1 restrooms out on course.

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