6 Hours in Frog Hollow Race Report 2013


6 Hours in Frog Hollow dished out another fun year of racing. This year the race had a fun international crowd, with racers from Australia, the UK, and Canada, as well as racers from as far as Indiana, Missouri, and Washington here in the States. It also showed that racing can be a family affair, with team categories ideal for kids and beginners.

This was the first year the “Take a Kid Racing” category allowed kids as young as 11 years old to enter the race.  The “Take a Kid Racing” allows for an adult team member to escort their youth partner around the course wearing a special number plate. The race director recognizes there are some strong kids out there that can complete the course, but that being alone out on a 13 mile course can be a little intimidating. The rules to enter require that kids be 10 by January 1 of the race year and that they can pre-ride the course in under 2 hours.  This year’s first place team was a father and son duo from Las Vegas. Young Aaron Anderson, 11, completed 2 laps during the race for a total of 26 miles. Keep an eye out for this kid.

Also, Hats off to Team Mason, with Mom and Dad racing solo, and their 3 daughters racing as a 3 person team. Ages 16, 14 and 13, Micah, Lea, and Alexis completed 4 laps and said they were inspired to race by their parents.

In the solo and duo categories there was also some serious racing going on. In the Co-Ed Duo category Team Tittensor, Nicole and Zepplin from Alex Utah and Team Casa Zen, Kenny and Heather a local St George Duo, were hashing it out on the course all day. By the end of lap 5 Casa Zen was ahead by 2 minutes, but Nicole was able to pass Heather in the final lap with a 59:28 course time for the win. The final spread was just 2:36 between the 2 teams.

The Solo Master’s Male category had a record number of entries, with 12 racers between the ages of 50 and 64. Kevin Moffitt, Mad Dog, took the win with time to spare, allowing him to finish before the 2 pm cut-off for the last lap. Second and third place we taken by Kirk Boylston, Las Vegas Cyclery, and Brad Sneed, Las Vegas Cyclery, with only minutes to spare between them as well. In fact the top 7 racers in the category all got in 5 laps and were each separated by an average of 8 min.


We also saw some course records set this race. Joey Lythgoe, Team KUHL from Park City Utah, was the first woman to complete 6 laps during the 6 hour race. She also set down the fastest lap of the day of 55:22. Not quite fast enough to beat the course record set by Lynda Wallenfels back in 2010, but an impressive lap nevertheless. Ben Allen had the fastest men’s lap of the day with a time of 50:20 on his first lap around.

There are just so many great stories of racers hitting personal goals and personal best during the day; I wish I could share them all. The course was made of hero dirt, the weather was a perfect 76 degrees, and there were smiles to go around.

Please note we have moved this race to the spring. The new date will be April 19, 2014. Hope to see you all out there next year.

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